The Effects of Air Pollution on Individuals Suffering from COPD

Air pollution can be a menace for people suffering from asthma as well as COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. According to a report, household and outdoor air pollution has led to the death of around 7 million people around the globe. Researchers have also found that solid fuels combustion is one of the primary sources of air pollution in developing nations. Hence, to minimize the harmful effects of air pollutants people suffering from COPD should develop sufficient understanding about the quality of air and must also adopt additional measures such as wear masks and minimize their outdoor time.

Adverse Effects of Air Pollution

COPD results in the chronic inflammation of the airways as well as the lung caused by noxious gases or particles. Research has also proven that in COPD patients, harmful air particles and pollutants arising as a result of fossil fuel combustion can lead to severe inflammation of the lung.

Tips for Minimizing the Harmful Effects of Air Pollutants

COPD patients must adopt a number of measures for minimizing the harmful effects of both indoor and outdoor air pollution. Following are some of them:

  • Minimize your exposure to outdoor and indoor air pollutants.
  • Maintain healthy living habits and regulate activities in accordance with the quality of the local air.
  • Seek regular advice and treatments from your physicians.
  • Wear high quality masks to reduce the transmission of respiratory viruses and also to keep vehicular pollutants at bay.
  • Choose furniture that releases less amount of chemical.
  • Check and maintain the ventilation system within your house on a regular basis.
  • Keep your room ventilated by opening all the windows and doors.
  • Avoid biomass fuels and utilize cleaner fuels instead.
  • Eliminate dust mites from your home by cleaning and washing the linens on an everyday basis.

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