Tuberculosis & Lung Infections

Tuberculosis, more commonly called TB, is an infectious disease caused by strains of mycobacteria.

Although TB can attack any part of the body, most of the times it is found in the lungs. It is one of the most dangerous forms of Lung Infections. When the TB infection affects the lungs, it is known as Pulmonary TB and the cases, where the infection occurs outside the lungs, are diagnosed as Extrapulmonary TB. An interesting thing about TB is that it can lie dormant for years before becoming active and prompting any kind of symptoms. Tuberculosis Treatment will depend on whether it is a Latent TB infection or an Active TB Infection.

Types Of Lung Infections

  • Latent TB Infection
  • Active TB
  • Multidrug-Resistant TB

Issues with Tuberculosis treatment

Tuberculosis is a disease which evolves continuously. The drug which is effective for a patient of Tuberculosis in a given period may not be effective in the next for the same person.

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