On Arrival Assessment Services


Breathlessness, Cough, Wheeze, pain etc

Body composition

Body Mass Index, Bioelectric impedance

Endurance and strength

Endurance exercise testing, Skeletal and Respiratory muscle testing

Inhalation therapy technique

Assessing inhalation therapy technique is one of the keystone to ascertain patients effective treatment and improvement in his lung health.

Depression and anxiety

Patients suffering with ongoing lung disease are generally seen to be anxious and depressed because of their continuous breathlessness, dependence on their family for basic activities etc making it important to be assessed.

Pulmonary function tests

These are simple tests which are done to assess the patient’s lung, volumes and flows and assist in confirming the diagnosis of Obstructive airway disease, grade its severity, assess the treatment response etc.

Diet and Nutrition?

The patient’s diet and nutrition are important to assess because of their chronic fatigue, breathless which makes feeding difficult.