Prevention, Symptoms And Diagnosis

Lung Cancer is the most common cancer in men. Smoking and tobacco consumption in different forms is the most common reason for lung cancer. Whereas smoking rates have plateaued or have started to decline in most of the western countries they are still not plateaued in India and in some of the regions like Haryana where it continues to be part of be part of local culture. Lax enforcement of laws banning smoking in public places in the country has also meant the rates of second hand smoke have also remained high adding to the burden of lung cancer in non- smokers. Lung cancer prevalence is also increasing in non-smokers specially females; the reasons for this is not entirely clear. The alarming increase in in the air pollution levels in most of the major cities in India is further fuelling the problem.

The other major challenge in the field is the very late presentation of these patients to specialists where the diagnosis is established. Often these patients continue to be treated for cough with cough syrups or are treated for Tuberculosis losing out on valuable time and delay in diagnosis.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

The symptoms of Lung cancer can be variable and can be..

Prevention of Lung Cancer

There’s no sure way to prevent lung cancer, but you can reduce your risk if you: Don’t ..

Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Diagnosis of lung cancer requires consultation with a chest specialist who will conduct a detailed clinical evaluation. A chest X-ray and CT scan