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Tuberculosis is an infection by strains of mycobacteria. Tuberculosis is more popularly known as TB and although it can affect any part of the body, the Lungs are its most common area of attack. It can also affect the lymph nodes, pleura (surface of the lung), bone & joints etc. Consultations with a good Tuberculosis Doctor is an absolute must in cases of TB as it claims the lives of more than 50% of the total infected.

Tuberculosis Symptoms

The symptoms of tuberculosis are fever, night sweats, chills, appetite loss, fatigue, nail clubbing, etc. As in the case of any other pulmonary disease or respiratory disease, Tuberculosis has symptoms which are similar to common cough and cold. It is noteworthy to know that fevers, coughs and colds which last more than 2 weeks have prominent risks of being Tuberculosis Lung Infection.

Types of Lung Infections

Although there are many ways in which TB Lung Infections can be classified, we have shown its broadest classification.

Latent TB Infection

One of the reasons, TB becomes deadly, is that it can stay dormant, evading detection for years together. Even the symptoms do not show. In this form, it is known as Latent TB Infection. Latent TB Infection not only takes extensive tests to show up, but its treatment is also a tricky affair. Isoniazid or INH is usually used to treat Latent Tuberculosis. However, the treatment requires the skills of an expert Tuberculosis Doctor as INH has a tendency of inflicting side effects.

Active TB Infection

It is in the cases of Active TB Infection, that the symptoms are clearly visible. Active TB Infection is much easier to be diagnosed than its latent counterpart even though the former is infectious. Active TB Infection is treated with a combination of antibiotics as determined by the Tuberculosis Doctor after a proper inspection. It is very important to take an immediate consultation of a good TB Doctor once Active TB Infection is detected as it wastes no time turning into a life-threatening form.

Issues with Tuberculosis Treatment

Tuberculosis is a disease which evolves continuously. The drug which is effective for a patient of Tuberculosis in a given period may not be effective in the next for the same person. This is because the Tuberculosis Infection has the ability to develop resistance to the drug. In the modern day, we have instances of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis which is the most difficult to treat. It requires special attention and high levels of expertise.

At Aviss Health, we have a team, of expert Tuberculosis Doctors in Gurgaon, which has a record of successful treatment against all forms of Tuberculosis. The treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is done with strict adherence to the diagnosis and prescription.