Why Is PFT Performed ?

PFTs may be ordered

  • In healthy individuals as part of a routine physical Examination.
  • In others, when a specific illness is suspected.
  • It is also performed to evaluate the progress in treatment and the effect of medication on the respiratory disease.
  • PFTs is also used to assess the lung function of patients prior to surgery or other invasive procedures in patients who have current lung and/or heart problems, who are smokers, or who have other conditions that might be affected by surgery or other procedures.

Some of the disorders that may be detected with PFTs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Chronic lung conditionseg asthma, bronchiectasis, COPD ? emphysema, and chronic bronchitis
  • Asbestosis
  • Chest trauma
  • Restrictive airway conditions. Impaired lung expansion as a result of conditions, such as scoliosis, Lung Cancer or inflammation or scarring of the chest wall.
  • Respiratory infectionseg Pneumonia ,Pulmonary Tuberculosis

There may be other reasons for your Chest Specialist to recommend pulmonary function tests.