Aviss Foundations new study (USAT) gets wide media coverage

Every third person in the age group of 15-50 years is addicted to smoking, a new study conducted in has revealed. A total of 1,400 people were interviewed during the study called ‘Understanding Smoking Attitudes in Youth (USAT)’. Of these, 33%, or nearly 460 people, admitted to the addiction. Out of these smokers, about 53%, or 245 people, were in the age group of 20-30 years.

More than half the smokers seem to be aware of the ill-effects and have tried to quit the habit, but failed to do so. Nearly 56% of those addicted said smoking is a stress-buster for them. “56% thought smoking helped them give relief from stress, while 55% admitted that they were aware of its ill-effects and were anxious about their health, but continue to smoke anyway. 52% of them had already tried to quit smoking but failed, underlying the strong addictive nature of smoking, leading to difficulties in giving up,” stated the study.

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