World Sleep Day 2018 Distinguished Activity Award Winner

It is with great pride and heartfelt gratitude we share with you all that #AvissHealth has received the 2018 World Sleep Day Distinguished Activity Award. Thank you World Sleep Society for recognizing our (India’s) efforts amongst the 55 countries and 282 activities around the world. Such accolades and recognition motivate us to continue our journey to raise the importance of Sleep.

Kudos to Team Aviss Health & Sleep Cure Solutions for this great achievement !!

Thank you all for your valuable support and contribution in scripting this success !!!

Second Hand Snoring- Harmful Effects?

On 14th of Feb the leading newspapers and News Channels had headlines reporting how one of the passengers (Ramchandra) on board the  Darbhanga Pawan Express was asked to remain awake for a couple of hours owing to heavy snoring. The report further stated that while on their way to Darbhanga, the passengers got into a heated argument with Ramchandra, as they were finding it difficult to go off to sleep due to the heavy snoring sounds produced by him while sleeping. As a result, the passengers got together and made him stay up for a few hours so that they could catch up some sleep during their long distance journey.

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