Second Hand Snoring- Harmful Effects?

Second hand snoring - Harmful Effects

On 14th of Feb the leading newspapers and News Channels had headlines reporting how one of the passengers (Ramchandra) on board the  Darbhanga Pawan Express was asked to remain awake for a couple of hours owing to heavy snoring. The report further stated that while on their way to Darbhanga, the passengers got into a heated argument with Ramchandra, as they were finding it difficult to go off to sleep due to the heavy snoring sounds produced by him while sleeping. As a result, the passengers got together and made him stay up for a few hours so that they could catch up some sleep during their long distance journey.

Now imagine, if your snoring problem puts you in a similar kind of situation? Wouldn’t that leave you feeling harassed and embarrassed to the core? If you answered a yes, then it’s about time you sought the opinion of a Sleep Specialist who will analyze and treat your condition appropriately. This would further help you in getting rid of your snoring problem and also enjoy sound sleep without causing any disturbances to others. People suffering from Sleep Apnoea also face the risk of other serious problems such as heart diseases, Hypertension,Stroke, Diabetes,Anxiety, depression, Dementia and accidental injuries. Treating snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea that may cause snoring, improves yours and your partners physical and mental health, as well as their daytime energy and vitality as they will no longer be sleep deprived.

In our constant endeavour to increase awareness and help people reach out for help on important issues related to sleep on #WorldSleepDay, Aviss Health is organising Snoring and Sleep disorders Awareness camp in Gurugram on Sunday, 11th of March 2018. Those suffering from ?any of the Sleep Troubles like snoring, pauses in breathing while asleep, Struggle with Daytime Fatigue or have trouble Focusing/Concentrating during the day will benefit from attending the camp.
Everyone loves  good symphony and music, but not while they are trying to sleep.If you  want to protect your own health as well as your loved one’s and have the pleasure of a peaceful night’s rest Aviss Health is making snoring a priority.Ask our Sleep Experts ie Sleep specialists, Sleep psychologists .Get free ENT , Dental and Gynea check up. Get registered for the camp.

For details visit or call 9871613322.

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