Top 10 Facts about Passive Smoking

Passive smoke or more specifically, secondhand smoke carries approximately or more than 7,000 chemicals, including toxic and carcinogenic, as the report of U.S. National Library of Medicine stated. The other chemicals include carbon monoxide, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide, and polonium – 120, which are enough to leave lifelong impact in your health.

Apart from the smoke issued from burning cigarettes, the dangerous pollutants are as responsible as the passive smoking for rapid health deterioration. These days “Air pollution” has also added a lot to the passive smoking issue as even inhaling pollutants is like passive smoking and is equally dangerous.

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The Effects of Air Pollution on Individuals Suffering from COPD

Air pollution can be a menace for people suffering from asthma as well as COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. According to a report, household and outdoor air pollution has led to the death of around 7 million people around the globe. Researchers have also found that solid fuels combustion is one of the primary sources of air pollution in developing nations. Hence, to minimize the harmful effects of air pollutants people suffering from COPD should develop sufficient understanding about the quality of air and must also adopt additional measures such as wear masks and minimize their outdoor time.

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My Life as an Asthma Mom

Asthma is a serious health issue, which can get worse if you don’t know how to tackle it. In fact, things can get really difficult when you’re an asthma mom. This is because on one hand you need to deal with breathlessness during an asthmatic attack and on the other you need to manage your kids, home and other important daily chores. Remember, even a minor negligence on your behalf can result in a severe asthmatic attack, which can further throw your life, kids and home out of gear. Besides, being an asthmatic patient, you would never want your asthma problem to impact the life and health of your children. If you’re a mom suffering from asthmatic problem then it’s extremely important for you to take care of your as well as your kid’s health and fitness, especially if you don’t want them to inherit the same problem as you. Continue reading My Life as an Asthma Mom

Obstructive Lung Disease or COPD : Here Is All That You Need To Know

Chronic lung disease is a medical term that includes long term respiratory problems. Broadly, chronic lung disease can be restrictive (do not allow the complete expansion of the lungs) or obstructive (troubled exhalation of the air from the lungs) in nature. A plethora of common reasons are responsible for the onset of the diseases that are encompassed under the umbrella of chronic lung diseases.

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