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Respiratory diseases

Some of the major asthma, chronic bronchitis / emphysema (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, asbestos related conditions including tuberculosis, sleep disordered breathing, chronic respiratory failure, lung cancer.

Respiratory Disorders Treatment in Gurgaon


Asthma is a typical condition that can happen in up to one in five individuals. Patients with asthma encounter wheezing, hacking and shortness of breath upon presentation to specific triggers. The condition is treated with an extensive variety of meds including inhalers and tablets. For by far most of patients this brings their condition under control, however there is a little subset who have long haul troubles and repetitive indications.

Chronic Bronchitis / Emphysema (COPD)

Ceaseless Bronchitis and emphysema is one of the regular respiratory maladies worldwide and inside the UK. It is additionally referred to all the more regularly as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD. Patients with COPD have long haul challenges with shortness of breath, hacking, wheezing and overabundance sputum generation. These issues diminish their capacity to do numerous family assignments. The condition is treated with a scope of inhalers and tablets however numerous patients encounter long haul side effects.

Lung cancer

In India, lung tumor constitutes 6.9 for each new disease cases. The condition is typically found in individuals who are present smokers or who have already smoked. Side effects of lung growth can be variable yet incorporate new onset of relentless hacking, dry voice, compounding shortness of breath and hacking up blood. Medicines incorporate surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Sadly lung tumor remains an intense condition and long haul survival rates are little.

Tuberculosis (Tb)

Tuberculosis is a lung contamination brought about by a microscopic organisms called mycobacterium tuberculosis. The quantity of patients being determined to have tuberculosis is starting to increment. Patients can be influenced by presentation to tuberculosis or by reactivation of past tuberculosis. Naturally patients encounter fevers, wild sweating and hacking blood with weight reduction. Treatment comprises of a six to 12 month course of tablets which cures patients in more than 99% of cases.

Sleep disorders

Numerous patients encounter resting troubles and the division manages a wide assortment of patients. Rest breathing facilities are held at both Ashford and Canterbury and while greater part of referrals are for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), patients with different issue like Narcolepsy, postponed Sleep Phase disorder, Parasomnias are additionally surveyed in the joint Neuro-rest centers at Ashford.

Obstructive Sleep apnoea is an exceptionally regular condition where the aviation route limits while patients are snoozing bringing about boisterous wheezing sprinkled with scenes when patients seem to quit relaxing. Patients frequently have upset rest designs and regularly nod off when sitting in front of the TV or driving. The condition is analyzed by recording the breathing action amid rest (Sleep Study) and is generally treated with a cover (CPAP) or less regularly a surgical strategy. Dental braces are additionally an alternative. Narcolepsy is a rarer issue and is additionally described by sluggishness, however more often than not as “rest assaults” and needs a more particular type of rest study for determination. Treatment is as a rule with medicine.

Parasomnias and deferred rest stage disorders are very normal yet patients once in a while look for guidance unless they affect on their personal satisfaction. These likewise require rest think about for conclusion and for the most part the treatment is a blend of way of life changes, rest cleanliness and now and again medicine.

Respiratory specialists at Aviss Health treat a wide range of respiratory and lung disorders from persistent coughs and asthma to lung disease and lung cancer. Diagnosis and treatment using the latest technology and techniques are available for all respiratory conditions at Aviss Health providing a comprehensive respiratory disrorders treatment in Gurgaon.

At Aviss Health, we provide world-class care and respiratory disrorders treatment in Gurgaon to all our patients. We offer world-class clinical mastery over an extensive variety of claims to fame, with multidisciplinary groups cooperating to give thorough conclusion and treatment to the majority of our patients. We give quick assessment, intercession and treatment for various normal and complex conditions.

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