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Polysomnography test in delhi

Aviss Health is a world class sleep test centre for the polysomnography test in delhi committed to the excellence in the diagnosis of sleep disorders such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnea etc. At Aviss Health, we help our patients to sleep better and live life the way it was meant to be.

Polysomnography test in delhi

What Is Polysomnography?

A Polysomnography is an overnight sleep study test that records your brain activity, heart rate, eye movements, oxygen levels, blood pressure, body movement, and many more. Polysomnography may be used in helping diagnose sleep disorders and adjust your treatment plan if are diagnosed with a sleep disorder including: breathing disorders such as sleep related seizure disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, movement disorders, etc. Polysomnography test in delhi starts at around 9 p.m and concluded in the morning around 6-7 a.m. being monitored by one of our best polysomnographic expert.

Why Polysomnography is done?

Polysomnography is basically recommended by the doctors if there is a probability of patients suspected to have sleep disorder.

Under this illness, your breathing stops repeatedly and suddenly starts during sleep.

During this sleep disorder, you sometimes extend your legs and involuntarily flex. There are chances of Restless legs syndrome which is more likely to occur and often associated with this condition.

If you are doing unusual activities during sleep, then you must have polysomnography test in delhi. If you are repeatedly facing this kind of problem them you must need to consult us.

What Should Be Taken Care of?

Polysomnography sleep test is often a very painless test. During polysomnography, any chances of complications are very rare. It is more likely effective treatment for sleep disorders giving the best results. If you are about to perform this test then sleeping in the afternoon before the test is normally discouraged. Whether the test is at any medical center or at your home, in both the cases you have to prepare in the same way. Until or unless you are directed by our sleep expert such as not to consume alcohol, caffeinated beverages nor take any sleeping pills before the test. These things can interfere or interrupt your sleep test. For the best results, take a polysomnography test in delhi at our sleep centre.

Aviss Health is an unique specialty sleep center for the Polysomnography test in delhi or around the world. Being Dedicated for the treatment of sleep disorders & respiratory services, Aviss health is an one stop solution for the healthy night sleep.

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